Tatsuo is a secondary character in the Sakura Quest series. He is an apprentice wood craftsman currently living in Manoyama with fellow apprentice craftsman Kazushi. Between the two, Tatsuo has an open-minded view on craftsmanship.

Appearance Edit

Tatsuo is a young man with short brown hair, round eyes and a medium build. He is usually dressed in a red vest and jacket, as well as khaki pants.

Personality Edit

In spite of the declining demand on woodworks in Manoyama, Tatsuo has maintained a friendly and approachable personality, even to relative strangers. He also believes that woodworking is both a craft that needs dedication as well as a job that needs to earn to be sustainable. For this reason, he is willing to depart from the traditional art of carving transoms (ranma) and create character figures and other wood products. This usually causes clashes with the more conservative Kazushi, which is himself a source of Tatsuo's worries.

Chronology Edit

During Yoshino Koharu's visit to Manoyama's Wood-Carving District, Tatsuo was one of the first people who met her and her ministers. With Kazushi refusing to give the girls some hospitality, Tatsuo proceeded in listening to Yoshino and Sanae's plans to boost the tourism in the district. He also agreed to work with the girls in making projects that could boost the tourism in the area, like wooden accessories for Dr. Dokushima's exoskeleton, and a Buddha figure for a vending machine. Although both projects were a bust, Tatsuo continued cooperating with the girls, even though Kazushi had spoken against Yoshino's misinformed plans for the district. Later, a conversation with Sanae inspired Tatsuo to make a pair of wooden shoes, which eventually boosted Sanae's spirits so that she could return to helping Yoshino with their projects for the district after a moment of disillusionment.

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