Sakura Quest: Manoyama Tourism Association Operations Report meeting (間野山観光協会作戦報告会議) is a special program part of the Sakura Quest franchise that was airing on Nico Live.


Episode GuideEdit

Episode Air Date @ 22:00 JST Video link
1 February 15 Watch this episode
2 March 15 Watch this episode
3 April 5 Watch this episode
4 April 19 Watch this episode
5 May 3 Watch this episode
6 May 17 Watch this episode
7 May 31 Watch this episode
8 June 14 Watch this episode
9 June 28 Watch this episode
10 July 12 Watch this episode
11 July 26 Watch this episode (sans scene redubbing)

Watch this episode (scene redubbing)

12 August 9 Watch this episode
13 August 23 Watch this episode
14 September 6 Watch this episode
15 September 20 Watch this episode
16 September 27 Watch this episode


The program started airing on 15 February 2017 and aired every two weeks alongside the anime. It finished airing on 27 September 2017 with 16 episodes total and only a one week gap between Episode 15 and 16. Each episode is over an hour long and contains a lot more of the comedy element than the anime does.

Information on the program can be found at Sakura Quest's official website under the "Special" section.

The episodes are divided into sections, the order is:

  • Intro:
    • Episode 1: No proper intro, it's basically "Chu~pa! Konnichiwa!"
    • Episodes 2 through 3:
    • Episodes 4 through 13:
    • Episodes 14 through 15:
    • Episode 16:
  • Discussion/Reflection (episodes 4 through 16):
  • Kininaru Waado:
  • News and Announcements:
  • Scene Redubbing (episodes 4 through 16):
  • Outro:

External LinksEdit

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